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Spy Apps With Free Trial

If you're looking for a spy app with a free trial, you've come to the right place. There are several different options, including pcTattletale, iKeyMonitor, and Mobistealth. But which one is the best option for you? The free trials offered by each of these apps will allow you to try them out before you buy them.


iKeyMonitor is a powerful spy app that will help you monitor employees' cellphone conversations. It can also help you catch insider threats in the workplace. If an employee is cheating or stealing from the company, iKeyMonitor can help you find out who the culprit is. This app will help you monitor all SMS messages, and you will be able to see who is sending the messages to your employees.

The iKeyMonitor app works on Android phones and is password-protected. This protects it from being uninstalled by unauthorized users. It can also help you find out whether your employees are irresponsible or lazy. This powerful android spy app can uncover hidden information and catch any misbehavior before it becomes too late.


pcTattletale is one of the easiest spy apps to use. It offers an intuitive dashboard that displays a live view of the phone. It also features click activity and location tracking. But, the downside is that it is not compatible with iOS devices.

While pcTattletale's free trial is limited in its features, its premium version offers dedicated solutions. It can run on leading Windows and Android devices. It supports Android 5 and later versions. Moreover, it can run in stealth mode on rooted devices.


MobiStealth spy apps work by tapping into a target's mobile activities and monitoring them remotely. They allow you to keep track of the target's social media, phone calls, and texts. It is also possible to monitor the location of the target phone, even if it is switched off.

Mobistealth is available for Android, iPhone, and Symbian phones. The software works best on Android devices. The iOS app, however, may fail to spy on your target's phone. It is also compatible with Symbian 3 and Nokia Model 60 devices.


XNSpy is a mobile monitoring application that can monitor a target's cell phone activity. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and lets you monitor incoming and outgoing calls, texts, phonebook contacts, and third-party messaging applications. It also reports on photos, browsing history, and more. Users can sign up for a free trial and check out the application's features before making a purchase.

The main advantage of spying on a target's cell phone is the convenience of the program. It can be installed without the target's phone. Moreover, it is one of the few spy apps with real-time access to camera, call recordings, photos, and social media messages. It has a user-friendly interface and 42 features. You can also test out the software for free in a live demo.

Shadow Spy

Shadow Spy is one of the most popular smartphone monitoring applications in the market. This software runs silently and in stealth mode, monitoring all aspects of the target phone without causing any disturbance to the target. It can monitor everything from Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp chats, to keystrokes, notification logs, and more. This software also features a live mode, which lets you connect to the target phone and view the display in real time.

Shadow Spy is available for both Android and iOS devices. It can penetrate jailbroken and rooted devices, as well as unsecured public Wi-Fi networks. It also has the ability to sniff the target device's passwords. While its features are quite helpful, it does leave the target device vulnerable to hackers, so we would recommend you use another app that works in a much more secure manner.

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