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This course is for an individual with little or no martial arts experience seeking knowledge in self defense that is practical for today's world. Holiday Shopping, don't get Mugged Sunday November 24th 2019




Open In House Tournament 

 Saturday November 16th, 2019


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Brachs Open In House GI Tournament


    On Saturday July 27th, 2019 Brachs MMA will be hosting its annual In House Tournament. GI  divisions.

If you sign up on line you will save $5.00  Come out and support this fun event. 


  $30 on line sign up

  $40 at the door


 Teens/Adultss  weigh-ins start at 10 am

  Rules and Tournament start at 11 am


  Teens/Adults 13 and up weigh-ins at 10 am 

  Rules and Tournament start at 11 pm


  Experience and weight will be matched at weigh in.


   This is a point style tournament with one divisions, this will allow the competitor to experience Gi & NO-Gi point style tournament. Prizes include medals and Samurai Sword to the open division winner.  All refunds are given by way of free entry in the next annual In House Tournament. A refund is not guaranteed  after November 16th, 2019. All competitors and spectators must follow the rules and regulations of Brachs MMA LLC. Failure to do so will cause the competitor or spectator to be ejected from the Tournament with out any refund.