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 Operation Open Mat  11-11-23



   On Veterans Day November 11th we will be hosting an event to support the Veterans as well as Active Duty Military. This event is in support of the Semper Fi & Americas Fund an organization that provides immediate support to the Veteran or Active Duty Service Member in need.

   I've witnessed this this amazing organization in action as they came to the aid of two of my fellow Marines in need. My good friend Josh Clark a Veteran who completed four combat tours had developed stage 4 colon cancer linked to his service in the Marine Corps. Josh was between two jobs and had no insurance. He was not yet rated at the VA and needed immediate assistance. The Semper Fi & Americas Fund Stepped in and helped Josh get what he needed and to where he needed to go for help. Josh is still recovering today and hopes to be in attendance on the 11th. 

   In the spring of 2011 my good friend Captain Mark Tucker was wounded on a deployment to Afghanistan. He almost lost his arm from an explosion that sent a piece of shrapnel through his forearm. Capt Tuckers wife Sarah was faced with many challenges being the mother of two small children and having her husband wounded in another country. The Semper Fi & Americas Fund came to her aid. 

    This is what this Organization does helps these brave men and women that go into harms way in service of our great nation. I feel that it is my responsibility to do my part to keep Semper Fi & Americas Fund on the map. I truly believe this is the best organization when it comes to taking care of our men and women who served and our in need. Thank you Semper Fi & Americas Fund and all its supporters for all your help. 












Operation Open Mat Event Details

  • 10am-11am Kickboxing Seminar by: Sam Oropeza former pro-boxer and Mma fighter. Coach and mentor to many professional fighters.

  • 11am-12pm Jiu Jitsu Seminar by: John Hassett a 5th degree Jiu Jitsu Black Belt as well as a mentor to many fighters and athletes.

  • 12pm-1pm A three hour open mat your choice Gi or NoGi.

Location: - Brachs MMA

Date: 11-11-23 Veterans Day

Time: 10am - 3pm

Cost $50 online for both seminars and open-mat. (entire event)

Cost $30 open roll








The Entire Event 


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The Open Mat


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